How Boot Camp Alumni Help accesso Streamline Guest Experiences

accesso is a technology company that services the entertainment industry by creating connected guest experiences and driving business forward. Working with clients across the globe to streamline the guest journey, their goal is to ensure a meaningful and memorable guest experience before, during, and after arrival while boosting revenue and sales. 

“We help make the purchase and checkout process easier for guests,” explained accesso recruiting coordinator, Alexandra Oretsky. “Whether they’re ordering food at a kiosk, or at a turnstile to enter an amusement park, we streamline every step with our innovative solutions. Ultimately, our tech helps people spend less time in lines and more time enjoying experiences.” 

Keeping pace with our rapidly changing world, accesso is constantly finding ways to innovate and share their digital solutions with companies that are adapting to a new, unprecedented normal. Now more than ever, their services equip clients with essential tools and enable them to reopen safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Among accesso’s ranks of talented employees are a few alumni of boot camps powered by Trilogy Education Services, a 2U Inc. brand. Having collaborated with these individuals and witnessed their incremental growth, Alexandra shares valuable advice for current students who are passionate about the tech world — and highlights the top qualities that Trilogy alumni contribute to accesso’s mission. 

Reinventing the wheel 

One of accesso’s core values is innovation — and during the global pandemic, it became all the more relevant. 

“We had to adapt and take more creative direction with how we approached our solutions,” said Alexandra. “Virtual queues, contactless transactions, online purchases — all of these features were already available before the pandemic. But suddenly, they took on new importance and became instrumental for safety protocols and social distancing.”

accesso reimagined their solutions and made them especially applicable for businesses navigating their reopening strategies. With COVID-19 affecting people worldwide, the company found that virtual queues, online sales, and contactless customer interactions were vital. 

Taking a leap of faith 

There’s no denying that the current job market is highly competitive and incredibly saturated. Candidates are leaving their jobs in droves, considering other opportunities for growth and upskilling. Alexandra believes that now is the time for prospective candidates to commit to extensive research, expand their horizons, and take risks to fulfill their career aspirations.

“As candidates interact with companies or attend interviews, they should ensure they’re asking the right questions and really learning about a company’s culture,” she explained. “Everyone has their own path. But in order to discover it, they must be willing to go outside their comfort zone.” 

For those battling imposter syndrome, it’s important to note that tech roles require varying skill levels. No matter where someone begins, however, they must make strides to learn about a product, company software, or concept — continually learning on the job and improving their craft. 

“Candidates should identify their passion and become a master of their skills, taking the time to grow while always keeping an eye out for different, unique opportunities,” emphasized Alexandra. “There are so many companies that are open to hiring talent who may not have the most traditional experience or background. I would encourage candidates with the key foundational skills to apply and demonstrate an eagerness to learn and grow.”  

Onboarding new Trilogy talent

accesso interacted with Trilogy students long before they completed their boot camp programs. “We invited them to our office and showed them a glimpse of our work life, as well as what we we’re passionate about,” explained Alexandra. 

But, when the pandemic caused shutdowns, accesso adapted how they connected with Trilogy and began to host more virtual events instead of in-person meetings. During these events, accesso invited a few alumni who were full-time employees to share their career journeys with attendees. Not only did they reflect on their current successes, but they also shared valuable advice on how to excel during a job search. 

“From tips on technical assessments, to phone screenings, to salary negotiations and building meaningful professional relationships, accesso wants to share all of its available resources to set current students up for success,” said Alexandra. 

Their currently employed alumni set high expectations for other candidates — Alexandra commends their growth and collaborative work ethic, and hopes to interact with other boot camp alumni who are ready to advance their careers. 

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