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Blog Category: Alumni

Dreaming Big: How a Cuban Immigrant Returned to Tech

Yeiska De La Torre Fernandez

Yeiska De La Torre Fernandez arrived in the United States from Cuba with a degree in electrical engineering and a dream of a better life. Unfortunately, the former would not help her achieve the latter. Without a U.S. education or experience, Yeiska was compelled to take non-IT jobs to pay the bills. Hers was a dream…

Austin Sharman: Is A Coding Boot Camp Worth It?

Austin Sharman

Watch student video! My name is Austin. I recently graduated from the full-stack developer bootcamp at UCF and I just want to talk a little bit about what my experience with that was like and if I would recommend that boot camp. [0:16] So, would I recommend a boot camp to someone? Yes, I would.…

A Fresh Start Coding at Florida Blue

Edna Jonsson UCF Boot Camps Blog Picture

Edna Jonsson is an alumna of the first UCF Coding Boot Camp. After experiencing a life-changing event, Edna decided she was going to dive into coding and do whatever it took to get a job. Edna shared her experience in the boot camp and how she has found success as a web developer. What were you…