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7 Data Analytics Books You Should Read in 2019

Woman reading a book

There’s never been a better time to learn data analytics and enter the growing field. The job landscape is expanding, with a wide range of opportunities in a variety of industries. When preparing for a career in data analytics, the volume of information to master can be very overwhelming. It’s always best to do some…

How to Identify a Good (or Bad) Online Coding Boot Camp

Good vs bad coding bootcamps

As the market for coding and web development continues to grow, more traditional schools are now entering the online coding boot camp market. Offering a coding boot camp allows these institutions to enter the emerging market and meet its growing demand. It is now possible to become a full-stack developer, coding professional, or a skilled…

Top JavaScript Frameworks for Front-End Developers to Learn in 2019

JavaScript Graphic

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language used to create and control the content of a website. Simply put – JavaScript is the language of the web. It utilizes event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles. At the early stage, JavaScript was used only for client-side programming. However, today JavaScript is used as a server-side programming language…

Node JS vs PHP – Which Platform is Best for Development?

Node JS vs PHP

PHP and Node.js are two of the most commonly used server-side platforms. Despite their shared popularity among developers, there are many significant differences between both of these leading back-end technologies. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. The language was created to build scalable network applications. The platform involves an event-driven,…

How to Become a Web Developer in 2019

Women learning how to become a web developer
1) Gain the Latest Web Development Skills The first step to becoming a successful web developer is to learn in-demand, relevant skills. A boot camp is a great way to develop these skills, ensuring you learn the most up-to-date material. With an online coding boot camp education, you are exposed to the latest technologies from…

Why Employers are Drawn to Online Boot Camp Graduates

Many of today’s leading employers are beginning to embrace new models of education, including online learning. We see a number of employers hiring online coding boot camp graduates due to their work ethic and combination of hard skills (technical knowledge) and soft skills (adaptability, collaboration, creativity). Because of the nature of a fast-paced online boot…

Dreaming Big: How a Cuban Immigrant Returned to Tech

Yeiska De La Torre Fernandez

Yeiska De La Torre Fernandez arrived in the United States from Cuba with a degree in electrical engineering and a dream of a better life. Unfortunately, the former would not help her achieve the latter. Without a U.S. education or experience, Yeiska was compelled to take non-IT jobs to pay the bills. Hers was a dream…

Celebrating Women In Tech This Mother’s Day: Video

This Mother's Day, we're reflecting on the incredible women in tech. We are inspired by the talented women who have either gone through our boot camp programs, lead our classes as instructors, or support our students as teaching assistants or support staff. Thank you for making an impact on our future as you help to advance the technology industry! Watch…

Austin Sharman: Is A Coding Boot Camp Worth It?

Austin Sharman

Watch student video! My name is Austin. I recently graduated from the full-stack developer bootcamp at UCF and I just want to talk a little bit about what my experience with that was like and if I would recommend that boot camp. [0:16] So, would I recommend a boot camp to someone? Yes, I would.…

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