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At UCF Boot Camps, we know that the instruction you receive can make or break your learning experience. For that reason, we put great importance on our instructor selection. We employ instructors who have a minimum of three years in the field in order to best simulate real-life working environments in the classroom.  

Our instructors have worked at great companies in the industry and we admire not only their talent but their drive to help our students excel. Learn about a few of our instructors below.

Patrick UCF Coding Boot Camp InstructorPatrick Burrows

Fun Fact: He started typing in programs from the back of Compute!’s Gazette when he was just 10 years old, after Santa brought him a Commodore 64 (with a floppy drive!).

Read Patrick’s bio.

Daniel UCF Coding Boot Camp Instructor

Daniel Kaltenbaugh

Fun Fact: He has traveled the world amassing almost 3,000 flight hours and instructing pilot operations on three separate continents.

Read Daniel’s bio.

Anibal UCF Coding Boot Camp InstructorAnibal Cruz

Fun Fact: He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Read Anibal’s bio.

John UCF Coding Boot Camp InstructorJohn Dinsmore

Fun Fact: He is a scratch golfer.

Read John’s bio.

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