UCF Online Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp

Become a Data Analyst

Learn specialized skills: Python, Machine Learning, R, SQL and more

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for market research analysts, including data analysts, is projected to grow 23% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all other occupations.

We are committed to preparing our Online Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp students for success. With the rise of data in today’s economy, our program focuses on teaching individuals the practical and technical skills needed to analyze and solve complex data problems through an innovative online learning format.

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Structured Flexibility

Our course is designed to give you the flexibility you need to balance your work-life schedule while providing you with the structure and support you need to be successful in achieving your career goals.  

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Innovative Instruction

Our Online Data Analytics course blends the best of online education: engaging content to work through on your own schedule and live, interactive online classes led by expert instructors.

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Real-World Projects

Our industry-driven curriculum teaches you the most in-demand data skills through real-world examples. Everything you learn is immediately applicable to a professional environment.

Why Choose our Data Analytics and Visualization Program

  • You will receive a UCF Certificate of Completion from our Online Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp program after studying part-time over 24 weeks.
  • The curriculum covers relevant tools and technologies including Intermediate Excel, Python, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, API Interactions, SQL, Tableau, Fundamental Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub and more.*
  • Projects align with real-world datasets from various industry data fields like Finance Services, Human Resources, Healthcare and Government.
  • You will receive the same level of support as our in-class experience including instructors, assistant instructors, student success team, free tutor network, and more.
  • You will benefit from the support career services will provide you during the program and up to three months after program completion.

Innovative Online Model

Flexible Weekly Content

Each week you will work through the project-based curriculum on your own schedule. Fit the content around your life and work commitments knowing our support system is there if you need it.

Interactive Live Classes

Attend class from wherever you are. These online sessions are NOT lectures: they’re designed to be highly engaging and interactive sessions. Work with other members of your tightly-knit cohort and broaden your experience while leaning on your Instructor and Teaching Assistants.

Weekly Assignments

Make sure that you’re retaining your new data skills by utilizing additional opportunities to apply your knowledge in real-world settings. Make sure that you’re on-pace and progressing through the course as you should be.

Market-Driven Curriculum

The Online Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp allows you to learn from skilled instructors and gain real-world experience by collaborating with your peers on complex projects. Not only that, but you will also build a comprehensive portfolio along the way, giving you the confidence you need to tap into the industry. The curriculum will dive into the foundational skills for data analytics and visualization, including:

  • Pivot Tables
  • VBA Scripting
  • Modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Python 3
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • API Interactions
  • Web Scraping
  • Postgres/pgAdmin
  • MongoDB
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Dashboarding
  • JavaScript
  • Geomapping With JavaScript libraries
  • R
  • Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Machine Learning
*The material covered is subject to change. Our academic team adjusts to the market demand.

What You Will Learn

Those who complete the program will earn a UCF Certificate of Completion, the skills needed for a position in the data field and a strong working portfolio of demonstrable projects. Upon program completion, you should be able to:

  • Employ statistical analysis to model, predict and forecast trends
  • Create Python-based scripts to automate cleanup, re-structuring, and rendering of large datasets
  • Build custom interactive data visualizations using JavaScript libraries
  • Write SQL commands to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operations 
  • Communicate and glean new business insights using enterprise-grade tools like Tableau

Job Outcomes

Those who complete the online data analytics program can be qualified for a number jobs including: 

  • Looks at large amounts of information to glean data-driven insights using a variety of coding, statistics and tools.
  • Employs advanced skills that include those of data analysts, data engineers and more! They focus on machine learning and algorithm development for modeling trends and forecasting the future.
  • Uses Excel and Powerpoint to create reports around key business questions and develop strategies based on macro trends in the data.
  • Designs, installs, tests and maintains software systems with popular programming languages like Python.

Is this online data analytics program right for you?


You’re looking to advance your career and learn data skills to open up new opportunities.


You’re looking to switch careers and become a data professional.


You want to enhance your technical data skills to use in your current role.

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